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6 thoughts on “ Manhattan - Contagion - Roxa

  1. Dec 19,  · I've added contagion to a leveled CWDT setup and it seems to work nicely to supplement another main spell skill. I'm using blade vortex with poison support as a shadow and there is decent synergy with that and contagion (passive tree nodes for increased duration, chaos damage, damage over time for example).
  2. Bad contagion is measured as the co-exceedance of unexpectedly low stock returns in in- ternational stock markets. In other words, bad contagion occurs when several international.
  3. Dec 07,  · 日本でまだまだ知名度はないようですが、SteamのホラーゲームContagionの日本人のプレイヤー同士の情報交換や交流を目的として作成しました。 今後のアプデ次第では個人的に人気がでるゲームな気がします。 まだ、日本語Wikiもないようですので、始めたばかりの方にわかりやすい情報を .
  4. Sep 08,  · Review: “Contagion” "Contagion" wants to be a "realistic" notion of what such an epidemic would be, and it does that, kinda brilliantly, at the expense of anything that might make it Author: Editor.
  5. Four Winds: Contagion A Castle Fantasy AU By Laura Picken. A/N: I mean really, is anyone actually *surprised* that I posted this quickly? I will confess, though, that usually by the time I'm gearing up for the climactic battle scene in any Four Winds story (in this case, Moonrise Kingdom), I've already written 90% of the first chapter or two of the next story in my head.

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