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8 thoughts on “ The Beatles - Operation «Big Beatle» (A Genuine Collection Of Unreleased Beatles-Recordings)

  1. Jan 29,  · I got this box set around Even though it does not contain several noteworthy hit singles, The Beatles Collection is a start for any Beatles fan who does not have their original LPs. All of their original British LPs are in there. It also contains a compilation LP of /5(3).
  2. Contents. The Beatles Collection did not include a number of Beatles recordings, including those released on the Magical Mystery Tour album. This album had been released in the United States in , but it was not counted among the group's official catalogue because it was not issued in the United Kingdom until Genre: Rock.
  3. Jul 29,  · Here I am, back with my 3rd Beatles vinyl collection video!:) (I also have the mono and stereo vinyl box sets, but didn't show them in this video). My blog where I talk all things music: https.
  4. The Beatles' bootleg recordings (also known as "Beatlegs") are recordings of performances by the Beatles that have attained some level of public circulation without being available as a legal release. The term most often refers to audio recordings, but also includes video performances.
  5. The Beatles Bible is run for the love of anything and everything to do with The Beatles. If you've learned something new about the band and wish to show your appreciation, why not make a small donation via PayPal? It'll help with server costs, research material etc.
  6. Sep 16,  · Last week we were overjoyed to learn that a new collection of unheard recordings by the Beatles will be hitting stores on November 11th. Called On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2, the double disc is the follow up to their retrospective that draws on exclusive recordings made for radio titan in the early sixties.
  7. This is a private records collection of The Beatles. The owner of this collection is sure that this site will provide lots of useful information for people interested in collecting of Beatles vinyl. Information - is the main purpose of the site, however some things will be released for sale.

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